The Chocolate Wire Interviews: Dr Kristy Leissle

The Chocolate Wire Interviews: Dr Kristy Leissle

Topics Covered in this interview

In Part 1 of this interview with Dr Kristy Leissle, author of the highly-acclaimed book “Cocoa,” we discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the Ghanaian cocoa farmer, the influence of COCOBOD, the change of ownership of Divine Chocolate and its potential impact on Kuapa Kokoo, racism in chocolate, and the use of the word “fine” in cocoa and chocolate, among other topics.

Books Mentioned in this interview series

  • Cocoa by Dr Kristy Leissle
  • The International Cocoa Trade by Robin Dand 

  • My book, Discover Chocolate
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Other Interviews in the series


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I read that books fromles”=””>”>les toits de metz. Great author.

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