Updated! TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Innovation Part 2: 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show Roundup

Updated! TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Innovation Part 2: 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show Roundup

Episode 48 streams live Tuesday, June 14th from 12:00 EDT.

I added the links to all of the companies mentioned in the live stream in the Resources/Links section.

There have been over 40 Summer (New York) and Winter (San Francisco/Las Vegas) Fancy Food Shows since I started publishing chocophile.com back in May, 2001. I have probably attended close to 75% of them. This has given me a perspective on innovation and trends in specialty foods – including chocolate – here in the US that informs all of the other research I do.

As an aside, this was also a part of the work I did in high-tech from 1983 – 2002. I attended every SIGGRAPH from 1984-1998. I was a part of many of the most exciting reveals in computer graphics over fifteen years. During this same period I also regularly attended NCGA (National Computer Graphics Association) annual conferences, several NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conferences, the first MILIA conferences in Cannes, and TED2. Surprisingly perhaps, there has been some interesting overlap between these part of my career.

Crucially, this in-person history with the Fancy Food Shows gives me the opportunity to taste and to see the reactions of other people to what they are tasting. Snippets of conversations are overheard, you can see excitement in places on the show floor, and colleagues share what they have seen that excites them, and I can reciprocate.

Between Friday’s episode and today I will have attended and/or participated in:

  • Two press tasting dinners (olive oil and DOP tomatoes);
  • A pitch slam;
  • Many dozens in-stand tastings;
  • Dozens of interviews with food professionals who are passionate about what they make; and
  • I will have spent about a dozen hours scouting and scouring the Fancy Food Show for innovations in chocolate and searching for flavor trends that have the potential to cross over into chocolate.
Before you watch this live stream, you might want to review last Friday’s episode where I preview how I am going to approach making the most of my time at the show.

While it is show policy not to let people leave with samples, as a member of the press I am given latitude to do so. So ... in this live stream I will share my impressions and live taste what I chose to pack and carry, sometimes for hours. And, of course, I will share links to the companies who make the products I talk about.


Big Picture Foods
Big Picture Foods
Capers! (Tastiest I have ever eaten – unique inclusion, anyone?)
Cardenas Chocolate
Award-winning speciality chocolate made with fine flavour “Arriba Nacional” cacao single-origin Manabí, Ecuador. Our region has cultivated cacao for centuries, and we aim to keep the heritage of this cacao alive. We tell the story of our region, our people, our history, our Arriba Nacional cacao thr
Award-winning Ecuadorian chocolate maker.
Civilized Coffee
Civilized Coffee specializes in Ecommerce specialty coffee. Premium Whole Bean, Cold Brew and Coffee Gifts boxes. Coffee Regions include Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Colombia. Matcha Powder, Non GMO Instant Coffee and Espresso Powder are part of their baking and Smoothie lines. US Small Business and
Freeze-dried coffee and tea powders, good for flavoring chocolate.
Circles Coffee
Barista Pour Over Made Simple.
Cypress Grove Goat Cheese | Nationwide Shipping
Fresh and tangy cheeses to soft-ripened signature classics and buttery aged cheeses. Now shipping nationwide.
Meyer lemon/honey chevre dessert cheese. Also introducing (soon!) a version of Humboldt Fog with cacao in the center ash line.
Dr. Bronner’s
Dr. Bronner’s US
All of our organic extra virgin olive oils are bursting with delicious rich flavor that will add flair to any recipe and enhance your cooking and dining.
Friday night tasting – good choices for olive oils to use in chocolates.
Guido Gobino, Cioccolato Artigianale | Guido Gobino
Un viaggio nel mondo del cioccolato che coinvolge tutti i sensi. Cioccolato artigianale: il sapore che fa la differenza ...
Olive oil, sea salt cremino. My fave piece of Italian confectionery.
Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Packing stations, Wrap, Fill - HexcelPack
HexcelPack™ manufactures innovative, sustainable packaging solutions including padding, wrap, fill, cushioned envelopes & packing stations.
Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates
Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates. One chocolate bar, eight distinct squares, each holding a unique delight, because why choose, dahling? Have it all!
Shareable bars themed for consumption occasions.
Mixed Up Nut Butter
Craft Nut Butter, Free of Palm Oil, Added Sugars, and Artificial Preservatives. Just Nuts and Sea Salt.
Interesting incorporation of nibs / cocoa butter,
We offer organic and vegan bars, cacao & Ecuadorian dark chocolate & have a vast variety of hemp infused, CBD & non gmo chocolate.
Compostable paper packaging made from bagasse (and tasty chocolates).
Comprar online Chocolate PANCRACIO
NUESTROSSABORES [s-tabletas] CHOCOLATESDE ORIGEN DESCÚBRELOS CHOCOLATESPUROS DESCÚBRELOS “Un chocolate para devorar,un envoltorio para conservar.”Colette ROCAS, CRUJIENTES& BOMBONES DESCÚBRELOS NUESTROSBOMBONES [s-boxes] NUESTRA HISTORIA Una marca apasionada con los detalles,la calidad y el buen gus…
Crossover owner building a brand-forward enterprise.

RH Packaging

Delicious Rule Breaker Snacks
Vegan, gluten free, nut free, safe for school, safe for all kids, allergy friendly, super delicious brownies, blondies and bites.
Sugimoto shiitake umami powder – what would adding umami to chocolate do?
Home | Sunday Night Foods
Premium chocolate sauce blends made with the world’s best chocolate and the finest, most pure ingredients. Welcome to chocolate euphoria.
Marketed as shelf-stable (until opened) ganaches. Interesting positioning.
Tambo Trading | Premium Milk Caramel and Ghee
Traceability as our trademark. Premium milk caramel. Ghee
Servio brand Dulce de Leche – distributed by Allmark Int’l (website not found).
Whoa Dough | Plant Based Gluten Free Cookie Dough Snack Bars
Whoa Dough is the first health-conscious plant based, gluten free cookie dough snack bar. For kids. For adults. For the cookie-dough-craving, bowl-licking kid in all of us. We make real cookie dough bars with real ingredients.
Wine Chips
The Boldest, Cheesiest, Easiest, Most Satisfying Potato Chip You’ll Ever Have. The Only Chip Designed Exclusively for Wine. Try Every Bold Flavor! Bold Flavors
Soon to be released: a cocoa or chocolate version.,

Mentions – Specialty chocolate makers at the FFS

Miami’s First Chocolate Factory |
Authentic chocolate factory that specializes in dark chocolate truffle, bars and confections made fresh daily. All chocolate is produced in house from directly sourced premium cacao from Latin America and the Caribbean.
Miami, FL
Fruition Chocolate Works Handcrafted from Bean to Bar in New York
Fruition Chocolate Works is internationally award-winning small batch chocolate, handcrafted from bean to bar. Factory and Retail Cafe in Shokan, New York. World Renowned. Locally Found. Artisan. Gourmet. Direct Trade. Some of the World’s Best Chocolate.
Shokan, NY
Madhu Chocolate Online Store
Austin based, Award winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker specializing in Indian-inspired flavors. 100% LGBT owned and 50% BIPOC minority owned small business.
Austin, TX

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