TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Derek Pedersen & John Malik

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Derek Pedersen & John Malik

The first in the new Tuesday series that focuses on individuals in cocoa and chocolate.

The first session in the new Tuesday series focusing on people in cocoa and chocolate: My guests today are Derek Pedersen of Kontur Chocolate and ChocolateLife contributor John Malik.

The topic is innovation – but not necessarily when it comes to flavors or ingredients or production pathways.

Innovation in chocolate comes in many forms and can be applied to many other aspects of the process using tools that are not usually considered a part of a chocolate maker’s or confectioner’s toolbox. Entrepreneurship is about using those innovations to drive business success.

Catch up with our guests before the livestream by exploring the links below.

Kontur Chocolate
Small Batch Craft Chocolate, formed into amazing shapes
Visit the Kontur website to get the creative juices flowing – and come up with questions you want to ask Derek.
Kontur Chocolates
If you’re going to sell anything, you have to make the process as easy as possible for the customer. And that’s something I can do.
The article about Kontur written by John Malik.
John Malik - The Chocolate Life
Chef Mentor & Consultant, Food & Travel Writer, Hobby Farmer. Spent (almost) a year in Belize. Once got hammered with Tony Bourdain. Southern by the Grace of God.
Want to explore all of John’s writing for TheChocolateLife – this is where it’s all collected.
Home ⋆ Chef John Malik
When not writing for TheChocolateLife, John is also a restaurant consultant.

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