TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Leslie Agyare / Three Mountains Cocoa

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Leslie Agyare / Three Mountains Cocoa

Episode 64 streams live from ChocolateLife World HQ in Brooklyn, NY starting at 12:00 EST on Tuesday, November 8th.

Is cocoa farming in Ghana irreparably broken? Is the system – dominated by COCOBOD – so far gone that nothing can be done to reform it in any meaningful way?

Entrepreneur Leslie Agyare, founder of Three Mountains Cocoa (“TMC”), thinks not, and is working to prove his point in the Ashanti region of the country, located between Accra and Kumasi.

Three Mountains Cocoa
Organic single origin cocoa and a whole lot more!
Visit the website for the email address to get more info about bean availability.

Join us as Leslie and I discuss the project to find out about the “whole lot more” and get a chance to taste – live! – some chocolate made here in the US from some of his beans. And when I say live, I mean live. I received samples a few days ago and I have not tasted them ... yet. I will be tasting them for the first time during the live stream.


Welcome to Maribea - Maribea
Welcome to Maribea craft chocolate, the home of delicious bean-to-bar chocolate products made using internationally sourced cacao beans for incredible taste and variety.
This is the company that made the chocolate from TMC beans that was tasted during the episode.

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