On The Road Again, Again

On The Road Again, Again

Episode 63 streams live from ChocolateLife World HQ (in Brooklyn, NYC) starting at 12:00 EDT Friday, November 4th.

After an extremely busy month traveling in July, August and September were spent close to my desk in here in Brooklyn, NY.

TBH, I was happy to spend the time not traveling, as I was exhausted. By my count I made eighteen separate flight segments including five overnight trips in July. That’s a lot of flight segments and a lot of overnight flights.

And I had just recovered from my first bout of COVID before heading to Brazil for Chocolat Xingu (connecting through Panama City, Manaus, and Belem on the way to Altamira!) so I was tired even before I left.

Chocolat Xingu 2022 – A Festival Photoblog
It’s hard to overstate the importance of this festival to the people of Altamira and the cacau producers and chocolat makers of Pará.
Colombia Photoblog
I had been to all of the other major cacao producing countries in South America over the past twenty years save one, Colombia.
Chocolat Bahia 2022 – A Festival Photoblog
I return to Ilhéus in Southern Bahia after a five-year gap. This is the oldest of the Chocolat Festivals in Brazil – and the first since 2019.


The last live stream was exactly one month ago (October 4th).

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – On The Road Again
Episode 62 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams on Tuesday October 4th beginning at 12:10 EDT.

In that live stream I previewed where I would be going in the month of October. Destinations included:

  • Puerto Quito in the province of Pichincha, Ecuador – where I would be particpating in the first chocolate festival for the municipio of Puerto Quito.
  • Guayaquil in the province of Guayas, Ecuador – where I had a series of business meetings with cocoa growers, chocolate makers, the national cacao producers association, and more
  • Porto & Lisbon in Portugal – where I would participate in the first Chocolat Portugal, co-produced by the firm who produces the festivals I have been attending in Brazil followed by a day of relaxation in Lisbon
  • Venice, Italy – where I would be attending a global new product announcement by Barry Callebaut.

I was back in NYC for less than 36-hours between returning from Ecuador and heading off to Porto. Both the return from Guayaquil to New York (via Bogotá) and the trip to Porto (via Paris) involved overnight travel so it’s fair to say I was pretty exhausted on top of jet lag when I arrived in Porto.

The sacrifices we make for chocolate.

This live stream will be a recounting of my travels, sharing photos I took along the way.

Mentioned Companies and Resources

Chicao Chocolate (Puerto Quito, Ecuador) Facebook Page

Yaussa | Experiencia Natural Ecuatoriana
Hacienda Victoria
Cocoa Supply - Wholesale Sustainable Cacao Products and Specialty Ingredients
Quality and Sustainable Cacao and Specialty Ingredients for bakeries, restaurants, manufacturers, and chocolatiers.
ECO - KAKAO - Exportador de Cacao Ecuatoriano
Exportador por más de 15 años del mejor Cacao Ecuatoriano Fino de Aroma al mundo.


Chocolat Festival
O Chocolat Festival já é considerado o maior evento de chocolate de origem do Brasil e reúne toda a cadeia produtiva do cacau ao chocolate e derivados.
Co-producers of Chocolat Portugal 2022 in Vila Nova de Gaia
WOW Porto - The new cultural district
7 museums, 12 restaurants & bars and a lot more to uncover in the newest Porto cultural district
Location of Chocolat Portugal 2022
Vinte Vinte
Vinte Vinte is a Portuguese chocolate maker, producing exquisite bean to bar chocolates. Meet their master chocolate maker, Pedro.
Vinte Vinte Chocolate @ Cocoa Runners (UK)
Feitoria do Cacao | Chocolate desde a origem ...
Fabrico artesanal de chocolate.
Mestiço Chocolates - Da Nossa Floresta à Barra - From Tree to Bar
Mais que Bean to Bar - Chocolates Tree to Bar com cacau de produção própria.

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