TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Mackenzie Rivers / Map Chocolate & The Next Batch School

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Mackenzie Rivers / Map Chocolate & The Next Batch School

Episode 24 streaming worldwide live on Tuesday March 15th from 12:00 EDT – Daylight time here in the US.

I have been a fan of Mackenzie and her work from before I can remember. What I do remember is a fanboy moment at a NW Chocolate Festival (Smith Cove, 2018 maybe?) where we met in person for the first time and I gushed.

I am on record as saying that just one of the reasons I like her work is her fearless approach to flavor. Her work is just plain fun to eat – and always meticulously crafted.

So, when I was thinking about the makers I wanted to include in the 20th Anniversary Celebration tasting for chocophile/TheChocolateLife, Mackenzie was near the top of my shortlist and I commissioned her to make a special limited-edition something, which I will share (but not taste as its my souvenir of the tasting) during the livestream.

Map Chocolate
Small batch bean to bar chocolate maker known for creating craft chocolate’s most beloved inclusion bars, the original vegan oat milk white chocolate, and single origin baking supplies since 2014. Founder of the Next Batch chocolate school.
About the Next Batch online chocolate school — the Next Batch
How we teach interactive bean to bar craft chocolate classes in our online livestream classroom

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Live Stream header image original by Jason Rosewell / Unsplash

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