F/S – FBM Prima w/ enrobing belt

F/S – FBM Prima w/ enrobing belt

Located in Madison, WI.


  • Manufactured in 2013.
  • 12kg working bowl continuous tempering machine w/ vibrating table
  • 180mm (~7inch) belt, complete with entrance section, bottomer, double-curtain veil, net beater, fan, de-tailing rod, and takeoff section with paper shown. Extra wire belt included.
  • 3-phase 220VAC, 60Hz.

Price: $2700 not including crating or shipping.

Note from the seller: The machine is sold as-is. It is in working condition and the cooling system was recently refilled. The price is reflective of the fact that the technician said there may be a small leak in the evaporator. It is currently holding gas.


Contact Shawn at shawnbuilds74[@]gmail.com.


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