TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Nick Davis, One One Cacao, Jamaica

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Nick Davis, One One Cacao, Jamaica

Episode 22 streaming worldwide live on Tuesday March 8th from 12:00 EST.

Nick was a featured guest twice on TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – once in a room focusing on Jamaica and again in a room about the Co-Op of the Future.

In this session we’ll revisit the storied island – perfect timing because I am so over winter here in New York – to take a deep dive into cacao and chocolate in Jamaica, learn about developments on the co-op front, and more.

We are One One Cacao. Making chocolate an experience.
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Nick Davis – from the One One Cacao Instagram feed.
Nick Davis – from the One One Cacao Instagram feed @oneonecacao.
Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective | Chocolate Rebellion
The Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective’s sampler is a rich, luxurious selection of handmade, tree to bar chocolates from Africa and the Caribbean. Taste flavors from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda and Malawi, along with the chocolate delicacies across the pond from Jamaica, Grenada,…
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