TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Lars Saquero Møller, Agroclimatica

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Lars Saquero Møller, Agroclimatica

Streaming Live on Friday December 10th starting at 10am EST.

My guest for this interview is Lars Saquero Møller, CEO of Agroclimatica, an agricultural risk management platform.


Lars is also General Manager of the highly influential Nicaraguan cocoa producer, Ingemann Fine Cocoa. Some of the initial research in climate change mitigation that went into the development of the Agroclimatica platform was undertaken in Nicaragua.

Ingemann-The Art of Producing Fine Cocoa for Dark Chocolate
Ingemann Fine Cocoa is a Family-Owned & Managed Producer from Nicaragua of Fine Cocoa for Dark Chocolate Production.

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