TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 23

TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse – Week 23

Featured Topics for the Week of August 23~27. Episodes 23.01~23.05 (109~113).

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The Chocolate Life
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Monday – Favorite Chocolates

Bars? Bonbons? Our favorite chocolates and chocolate experiences.

We are designing only your dreams.Unique Designs of Chocolate.Creative, Extraordinary and Innovative. The higher quality, the lowest price
A Turkish polycarbonate mold supplier. h/t DGH.

Tuesday – Design a Chocolate Factory ... in 24 hours

You have 24 hours to design a chocolate factory in a 10mx20m space within a much larger building. What do you do?

The House of Chocolate
Welcome to The House of Chocolate! Bean-to-bar, small batch, craft, artisan, micro-batch chocolate; whatever you call it, each one boils down to the ...

What is BRC? Global food safety standard explained


Wednesday – Deep Dive: Sugar

Chocolate as we know it today is highly dependent on sugar – which comes in an extremely wide variety of forms and sources. H/T Jorge Zaldivar (Mamey D) for inspiring today’s topic.

Partial topic list:

  • Types of sugar (source)
  • Special characteristics (moisture level, aroma, crystal size)
  • What makes vegan sugar vegan?
  • Is there any GMO sugar cane?
  • Heirloom varieties – the role of genetics

Sugar and Sugar Substitutes (.DOCX, h/t DGH)

Daily Sugar Prices | International Sugar Organization
Sugar Beet Farmers Caught In GMO Debate, Wait For USDA Labeling Decision
Colorado farmer Steve Kelly brushes aside a small mound of dry yellow dirt to reveal a sugar beet seed that’s no larger than a peppercorn. It seems
Clewiston, Florida – The Sweetest Town in America?

Thursday – alt.chocolate

In the last month or so there have been press mentions of a small handful of initiatives working on lab-grown/manufactured “chocolates.” Are alternative chocolates the solution to everything (anything?) bad about the cocoa supply chain? As with everything cocoa and chocolate the answers are, “It’s complicated,” and/or “It depends.”

In this case, when you read the press so far, what jumps out at me are that most of the press knows nothing about cocoa and chocolate – so they are asking the wrong questions.

🎙🔴 alt.Chocolate - The Chocolate Life
Thursday, August 26 at 12:00am EDT with Clay Gordon, dghchocolatier. (🔴Rec) The Daily Open Chocolate Chat: Discuss. Are alternative “chocolates” the answer to cocoa supply chain problems?
QOA is 100% cocoa-free and unbelievably delicious!
The chocolate revolution is here. 100% cocoa-free and unbelievably delicious. We call it QOA. You need to try it!
Forget China! Germany Is Replacing Cocoa From Chocolate In 14 Years
Now Germany has joined the race to eliminate cocoa entirely from chocolate. A Munich-based startup - QOA - is making cocoa-free chocolate
This lab-fermented no-cocoa ‘chocolate’ solves the industry’s climate and child-labor problems
QOA makes cocoa-free chocolate using “precision fermentation” of other ingredients.
Is Ghana in danger of losing millions as Germany, China, and Switzerland push into cocoa production
Cocoa, a raw material for making one of the world’s priced products, chocolate, has witnessed quite an eventful 2021 year.

WNWN (Waste Not Want Not)

A cocao-free, eco-friendly alternative to chocolate is launched in Cambridge
WNWN Food Labs is part of city’s Carbon13 programme
This is the press article on the WNWN announcement.
California Cultured
California Cultured
Swiss Scientists Manufacture Breakthrough Lab-Grown Chocolate
Scientists at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) have become the first to have successfully developed lab-grown chocolate.
Sharon Terenzi on LinkedIn: Chocolate without cocoa?It’s happening in Germany ⛔🍫🇩🇪The Munich-based | 20 comments
Chocolate without cocoa?It’s happening in Germany ⛔🍫🇩🇪The Munich-based startup YCombinator has found a way to make cocoa-free chocolate. By fermenting... 20 comments on LinkedIn
The reactions in the comments are based on an incomplete understanding of the work Qoa is doing. This is because the OP refers to press sources (both are linked to above) that either have an incomplete understanding or some other agenda.
Global chocolate supply could be wiped out as pollinating insects are killed off
Coffee, strawberries and apples also at risk as climate change, habitat loss and pesticides kill off vital bugs
Can we (should we) consider resilience in our assessments of alt.chocolates?

Friday – TCL/CH Collabs

Ways that we, as a community, can work together and help each other.

🎙🔴 COLLABS - The Chocolate Life
Friday, August 27 at 12:00am EDT with Clay Gordon, dghchocolatier. (🔴Rec) The Daily Open Chocolate Chat: Discuss. Ways we can we work together.

Cacao Juice – h/t Thomas Forbes who will soon be undertaking a remote volunteer exercise for the Peace Corps with a group in Ecuador looking to develop value-added products, one of which might be cacao juice (aka miel de cacao).

Grupos comunitarios | festivalchocolate
Home - Koa
Exploring the cocoa fruit’s full potential with Koa. Craft delicious creations, packed with flavour and positive impact. Learn more about the 100% natural cocoa fruit products.
Cocoa juice factory inaugurated
A cocoa fruit juice factory has been inaugurated at Akrofuom in the Assin South District in the Central Region.
h/t DGH
h/t DGH
Failure Case Study: Danone Dairy in India-The risk of offering premiu…
The Exhaustive Study for Danone Dairy in India Market Research Report is added on database. The report covers the market landscape and its gr…
h/t DGH


I envision OneWorldChocolate (OWC) as a 501(c)6 trade association with a global footprint that fills the gap between the FCIA and the WCF. OWC’s mission will be to “foster improved education, communication, and collaboration among and between all sections of the cocoa to chocolate supply web.”

This is part of my succession planning – to ensure that TheChocolateLife does not disappear if I am involved in an accident or for any other reason. One of my contributions to the startup of OWC will be all of the IP assets related to, which I would see as a primary online community-building outlet for OWC. This includes all of the domains below – and more.

  • (501(c)6) and (501(c)3).
  • – Share our love for chocolate!
  • – Originally registered for an event experience in Amsterdam’s Red Light district, this has evolved to include the idea of a coffee-table photography book with chocolate and love/sex-related quotes.
  • – Chocolate combined with legal humor.
  • – Geeky and nerdy things related to chocolate.
  • – Any Douglas Adams fans in the audience?
  • And, of course,,,, plus several more.

I do not see myself as on the board of directors or as an officer of OWC, rather in a operations/leadership role during the transition. I am looking for a group of people who will make the necessary cash investment to get OWC registered as a non-profit and who will act as the original advisory board and board of directors/officers of OWC.

As an aside, there is now installed on a private chat server with most of the capabilities of Slack. If anyone is interested in following up on this opportunity I will set up a private group to facilitate discussion.

What We’re Working on For Future Rooms

I am headed to Nigeria for a business trip and so am looking for ideas for rooms and club leaders and guests to step in while I am traveling as I will be unable to join in.

  • Monday, August 30 – Destination: Nigeria
  • Day TBD – Cottage Food Laws (h/t Thomas Forbes).
  • Day TBD – A Lighter Side: Chocolate in Movies, Musicals, & Comics. From Willie Wonka to Chocolat to Spiderman villains the Universe and beyond! (h/t DGH).

Help The TCL/CH Community Grow!

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