TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Alternative Ingredients

TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Alternative Ingredients

Episode 94 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams from 12:00~13:00 on Tuesday, February 28th.

During my tenure as the Technical Editor for International Confectionery Magazine, a number of my columns have been dedicated to an exploration of alternative ingredients for chocolate and confectionery production. Specifically I have looked at a number of what I termed cacao analogues as well as alternative sweeteners.

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International Confectionery Magazine Article Archive – January update
In addition to my writing duties for TheChocolateLife, I am a regular contributor to International Confectionery Magazine as their Technical Editor.

In this episode of TheChocolateLifeLIVE I will explore some new product developments and related announcements in chocolate, sweeteners, milks, and more. Some of things are going to be products you can purchase as ingredients though for many of them and most of us, we will only be able to consume them in finished products.

What should we paying attention to? How do we talk to customers who ask about them? What questions are they asking? How do some of them taste? All this and more in today’s episode.


Discussed in this episode:

WNWN Food Labs
We’re WNWN Food Labs and we love food. We’re creating delicious, sustainable and ethical alternatives to unsustainable and ethically dubious foods. We’re starting with cacao-free chocolate. Changing chocolate? It’s Win-Win #alt-chocolate #altchocolate #alt-universe #altuniverse #alt-protein
The Supplant Company - Ingredients from Fiber
The Supplant Company - A plant-tech company defining new categories of food ingredients, with its first ingredient, Sugars from Fiber.
FDA Provides Draft Labeling Recommendations for Plant-based Milk Alternatives to Inform Consumers
FDA announces draft recommendations for industry on the naming of plant-based foods that are marketed and sold as alternatives to milk
Labeling alt.milks in the USA
Sustainable Animal-Free Dairy & Protein - Perfect Day
Animal-free protein naturally creates kinder, greener dairy that is just as delicious as dairy from cows.That means what’s best for you is also best for the planet.
Would you take a bite? Over a million cravings were analyzed by AI to create the future-proofed milk chocolate to please all
Reduced-sugar dairy
What the FDA response to Barry Callebaut’s petition says - International Confectionery Magazine
Back in November 2018, Barry Callebaut (Switzerland) petitioned the US Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) for permission to make...
Chocolate as a vitamin supplelement?

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