TheChocolateLifeLIVE – with Bhavani V / Diamond Custom Machines

TheChocolateLifeLIVE – with Bhavani V / Diamond Custom Machines

Episode 74 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams Friday, December 16th, from 12:00~13:00 EST.

Though founded in 2002, Diamond Custom Machines (“DCM”) is a relative newcomer to the world of chocolate, starting to sell refiners “only” back in 2014/15. Today, DCM offers a range of melangers in more than ten sizes and configurations – from the petite 8lb Premier countertop machine all the way to a 200lb machine for professionals.

I had the chance to travel to New Jersey from Brooklyn last week to DCM world HQ where I had some fascinating discussions about how melangers actually work – and get a chance to look at two new machines they’ve been working on.

Spoiler Alert: In addition to a new countertop melanger for professionals, the other new machine is a cracker/winnower – which might just be the most impressive entry into the field at this capacity/price and performance level I have ever seen.

Join us in this episode of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE as we discuss some of the more arcane technical details of how melangers work, things you should know when thinking about the cost of melangers, get an introduction to the new machines (and get on the early pre-order list for both), as well as enter into a drawing for an 8lb Premier Chocolate Refiner.

Of course, we’ll also be taking and answering your questions during the live stream.

Premier Chocolate Refiner Drawing!

There will be a drawing during the livestream for an 8lb Premier Chocolate Refiner, shown, a US$300 value. You must be a participant of the live stream to enter the drawing. Details on how to enter will be shared during the livestream.

Either a 120V or a 220V version may be selected by the winner of the drawing.

Shipping will be free to addresses in the Americas, the UK, and EU. The winner may be asked to contribute to shipping to destinations outside these regions.

Click to view the drawing prize!
Chocolate Melanger | Premier Chocolate Refiner | Bean to Bar
Best in class chocolate melanger, cocoa grinder and chocolate conche machine for bean to bar chocolate. nut and seed butter making process. Our Premier chocolate Refiner and DCM Bean to Bar Chocolate making machines are ideal for domestic and commercial purposes. Ships World Wide door to door from U…
Link to the DCM home page.

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