Updated: TheChocolateLifeLIVE: Live Chocolate Tasting

Updated: TheChocolateLifeLIVE: Live Chocolate Tasting

Episode 105 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams from 09:00 MST/12:00 EDT on Friday, April 28th from the new HQ of TheChocolateLife: Prescott, AZ.

Over the course of my #CCCCO travels (and for some time preceding it, and thereafter) I have been accumulating chocolate at a faster rate than I have been able to consume it.

During this episode of TheChocolateLifeLIVE I will be tasting bars from a number of those makers.

Spoiler Alert: I have tasted most of these bars in advance of the live stream so the reactions I give are not going to be blind. I have already formed some opinions and done some research.

And, unfortunately, I will not be tasting every bar from every maker. Some I have completed and many I shared during my journey and anything that was not consumed was left with my hosts.

Companies Whose Chocolates Were Tasted

In order of tasting.

Single Origin Craft Chocolate
We’re on Food & Wine’s List of The Best Chocolate in America! Try our award-winning premium single origin craft chocolate bars today.
Encore Coffee Company
Encore Coffee Company, a Kansas City based specialty coffee roaster.
Eldora Chocolate, Craft Chocolate Made in New Mexico
Eldora makes chocolate that engages the soul, inspires the senses, and respects the valuable resources of this earth as nature intended. We have Vegan choices, Keto choices, No Sugar or Sugar Free choices, Bean to Bar Chocolate
Bean To Bar Craft Chocolate | Orinoco Chocolate Co. | Prescott, Arizona
Bean to bar craft chocolate shipped worldwide. Handmade in small batches with no refined sugar. Allergen friendly, vegan and keto facility.
These bars are on special offer. Click on the link on the home page.
Terroir Chocolate | Onyx Coffee Lab

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