UPDATE: TheChocolateLifeLIVE: April All the News That’s Fit to Eat

UPDATE: TheChocolateLifeLIVE: April All the News That’s Fit to Eat

Episode 104 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams Tuesday, April 25th from 9:00~10:00 MST / 12:00~13:00 EDT) from the new HQ of TCL in Prescott, AZ.

As the title says, this episode is the monthly roundup of news in the worlds of cocoa and chocolate. In the past month there have been some changes at CEO roles that will have an effect on the implementation of ESG and other policies in the coming years.

During the live stream I kept referring to Peter Boone in his dual role as CEO (now ex-) of Barry Callebaut and as President of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF). I misspoke. Boone was – and still is, as of 4/27/23 – the Chairman of the WCF. However the WCF website also still lists him as the CEO of Barry Callebaut. So I am not the only one who’s not 100% up to speed.

Not all of the news will be serious, though, because if you’re working with chocolate and you’re not having fun ... you’re doing it wrong.

A Higher Bar for Artisan Chocolate - IFT.org
Single-origin cacao beans, innovative inclusions, and more sophisticated connoisseurship characterize today’s craft chocolate market.
Peter Boone resigns as Barry Callebaut CEO
The Board of Directors has appointed Peter Feld (57, German national) as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Barry Callebaut Group, with immediate effect. Feld succeeds Peter Boone who is stepping down for personal reasons.
Peter Boone | World Cocoa Foundation
Peter Boone (1970) is Chief Executive Officer of Barry Callebaut and was appointed to that role effective September 1, 2021. Before, he has been CEO & President Americas since September 1, 2017.
Chris Vincent | World Cocoa Foundation
Chris has worked for the past 25 years across the public and commercial sectors with a focus on real assets, sustainability, resource mobilization and Africa. He has extensive experience in…

Chris Vincent’s LinkedIn profile

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of Barry Callebaut consists of nine functions and is headed by the Chief Executive Officer.
Barry Callebaut CEO Peter Feld
Peter Feld was appointed to the position of CEO of the Barry Callebaut Group effective April 5, 2023.

Peter Feld’s LinkedIn profile  GFK business profile in LinkedIn

Prior Investments | Jacobs Holding AG

Cocoa sector put on notice as European Parliament adopts new law to fight global deforestation
The European Parliament has formally adopted a new law to fight global deforestation with cocoa, coffee, palm-oil, soya, wood, rubber, charcoal printed paper products and cattle covered by the new rules, which obliges companies to ensure products sold in the EU have not led to deforestation and fore…

ProSweets 2023: Cocoa-free chocolate brand Nocoa processes oats using fermentation
24 Apr 2023 --- Focusing on bolstering cocoa supply chains which are under continuous pressure to keep up with demand, Planet A Foods, a Germany-based start-up, has created what it claims is the world’s first chocolate ingredient brand without using a single cocoa bean.

The top 3 “innovations” [emphasis added] at ISM 2023:

  1. tri d´Aix GmbH with their Sweet Stories candy floss from Germany. The ‘innovation?’ Made with 90% less sugar.
  2. CAL Marketing Pty. Ltd. with “Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Mochi” from Australia. The reason for the award? “Its combination of being ‘soft’ and ‘chewy’.”
  3. WORLD´S COCONUT TRADING SL with “Purple Sweet Potato Chips BBQ” from Spain. The jury’s comment? “... an exotic head-turner that catch [sic] the eye among the usual conventional potato crisps and snack items.” And “smokey.”
Glastonbury Festival hides tickets in chocolate bars for charity
Glastonbury Festival has hidden five pairs of tickets to this year’s sold-out…
Tanis sets world record for largest gummy bear casting
The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that Tanis from Oosterhout had made the world’s biggest gummy bear.
Tic Tac debuts new flavour - International Confectionery Magazine
At the first ever Tic Tac experience in New York City, mint and strawberry fans will be able to immerse themselves in the newest addition…
Almonds are global consumers’ favourite chocolate ingredient, survey finds
Almonds are the #1 most-preferred ingredient for inclusion in global consumers’ ideal chocolate products, according to Global Chocolate Report.

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