TheChocolateLife LIVE - Deep Dive into Cut Tests

TheChocolateLife LIVE - Deep Dive into Cut Tests

Episode 33 streams live starting at 12:00 EDT on Friday, April 15th.

Since my first trip to a producing country (Ecuador) in 2003, my understanding of cut has evolved - in unexpected ways.

The TL;DR for this post (non-spoiler alert – you’re going to have to listen to the live stream for the full story) is that most people do not understand what cut tests are good at – and what they are very, very bad at.

In this Deep Dive episode of TheChocolateLife LIVE I will cover:

  • Why the modern cut test was developed.
  • What cut tests are good for.
  • What cut tests are bad at.
  • What almost everyone misunderstands about cut tests.
  • Why do cocoa guillotines cost so #!@^¡ much?
  • Fundamental problenms with the methodology.
  • One evaluation step almost no one performs – that everyone should!
  • and more, as well as take questions live.
ISO 2451:2017
Cocoa beans — Specification and quality requirements
A link to the ISO standard for how to perform a cut test. As with all ISO standards, only some introductory information is available. You’ll have to fork over CHF 118 (Swiss francs) for the details.

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