TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Healthy: What’s in a Word?

TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Healthy: What’s in a Word?

Episode 95 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams from 12:00~13:00 EST on Friday, March 3rd.

When it comes to food, what does it mean to be Healthy?

Along those same lines, what even is the difference between being natural and all-natural? Surely a product that is not all-natural is partly un-natural. Or is/can it?

Can a healthy food be hyper-processed – that is made from ingredients that are themselves processed in some way in a lab or factory? What kinds of processes are okay and what distinguishes them? What affect can the processing have on the nutritional value of the food before it can no longer be considered healthy? Can adding vitamin or mineral supplements turn something that is otherwise not healthy into something that is healthy?

Believe it or don’t, the FDA’s guidance on what the word healthy means and how it can be used on labels has been ... well, let’s say wide open to generous interpretation.

But all that may be about to change based on a recent FDA announcement.

Spoiler Alert

Major players in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) Food Industry are not happy with the proposed updates to the rules. Not happy at all.

In this episode of TheChocolateLifeLIVE we’ll discuss what the proposed ruling means in general and what the implications are for “healthier-for-you” chocolate, chocolate confection, and baked goods with chocolate in them.

The FDA’s proposed framework for the updated definition of “healthy” focuses on ensuring that nutrient-dense foods that help consumers to build a diet consistent with current dietary recommendations can qualify to bear the claim.


Suggested reading before/during/after the episode:

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FDA issues proposed rule to update the definition of the nutrient content claim “healthy.”
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The FDA has begun a public process to update the “healthy” claim for food labeling to be consistent with current nutrition science and federal dietary guidance.
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The FDA wants to change what counts as “healthy” food. Big food makers say that’s unfair.
General Mills and other packaged-food giants say the government’s push to tighten food labeling rules is unconstitutional.
CPG Companies Oppose FDA’s Proposed ‘Healthy’ Rule
Big food makers are pushing back against the FDA’s proposed update to what can be labeled “healthy,” objecting to rules that would exclude products with high amounts of added sugar and salt, reports CBS News.This recent update was the FDA’s

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