TheChocolateLifeLIVE | All the News and Ask Me Anything

TheChocolateLifeLIVE | All the News and Ask Me Anything

Episode 114 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams from 09:00 MST/12:00 EDT on Fri, June 2nd from the new HQ of TheChocolateLife: Prescott, AZ.

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Every month I work to dedicate an episode of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE covering news that’s come across my feeds. I combine the news review with an open AMA – Ask Me Anything (about cocoa or chocolate).

That is what this episode will be all about. When the live stream is finished I will copy links to the news sources, as well as links to any resources that come up in any of the AMA questions.


EU Parliament Votes to Require Companies to Introduce Climate Transition Plans - ESG Today
Lawmakers in the European Parliament voted 366-225 on Thursday on new rules requiring companies to identify and address the impact of their activities and value chains on human rights and the environment, as well as a new requirement to adopt and implement climate transition plans. The new rules for…
Chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely adds legal locks to protect its mission forever
With its new Mission Lock, Tony’s Chocolonely has created a legal framework preventing deviation from its goal to eliminate child labor and illegal labor.
A pledge to fight climate change is sending money to strange places
Rich countries promised $100 billion a year to reduce the effects of global warming. Reuters found large sums went to a coal plant, a hotel and chocolate shops.
Five things Africa can do to make the most of its cocoa
West Africa produces 75% of the world’s cocoa beans and yet barely one-fifth of cocoa farmers in the region make a living wage.
Awards - Good Food Foundation
The Good Food Awards recognizes that truly good food – the kind that brings people together – builds strong, healthy communities.
Entries are now being accepted through the end of June for the 2024 round.

3 cacao farmers from Davao to compete in Paris (2023 Cacao of Excellence)

Recalls & Public Health Alerts | Food Safety and Inspection Service
Keyword: chocolate
Can Chocolate Milk Be Made Healthier?
Chocolate milk is good for you in the sense that it’s a source of calcium. However, a lot of brands have added sugar.
TL;DR: Good milk, natural cocoa powder, and minimal sugar (unrefined).
The Influence of Wine Ratings and Critics on Investment Decisions: Evaluating Their Impact on the Fine Wine Market
Introduction Wine ratings and influential critics have long played a significant role in shaping the perceptions and decisions of wine enthusiasts, collectors, and investors alike. These experts wield considerable power in determining the desirability and value of fine wines, often influencing marke
Trying out the viral adobo chocolate chip cookie recipe, as an inexperienced home baker
These viral adobo chocolate chip cookies from food blogger Abi Balingit’s cookbook ‘Mayumu’ offers a surprising interpretation of two very different dishes
Barry Callebaut Introduces Ruby Baking Chips and The 2nd Generation of Chocolate
Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, announced its continued commitment to providing innovations for food manufacturers aligned to the Company’s Future of Indulgence report that was debuted at last year’s show.


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