TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Announcing the 3rd AVPA “Chocolates Processed at Origin” Contest

TheChocolateLifeLIVE – Announcing the 3rd AVPA “Chocolates Processed at Origin” Contest

Episode 90 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE will stream on Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day – from 12:00~13:00 EST.

The 3rd Edition of the Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products’ (“AVPA”)‚ “Chocolates Processed at Origin” Contest is underway, with the call for entries open. Links to download the contest rules and to register can be found below under Resources, where you will also find a link to a ChocolateLifeLIVE episode from last April with Philippe Juglar, the president of AVPA.

In order to enter the competition, registrants must be members in good standing of the AVPA, for which a separate fee is required.

This international contest is open to chocolate makers or their representatives for which AVPA “proposes a classification that allows the expression of all the traditional tastes encountered among [chocolate makers] in cocoa-producing countries.”

Two main judging categories for the contest have been defined:

  1. Plain dark chocolate – plain dark chocolate with no vanilla/vanillin; anc
  2. All other chocolates – a) dark chocolates with additives: vanilla; b) milk chocolates;  c) chocolates with various ingredients; and d) chocolate candies.

Technical jury will be Pascale Adeline and the gastronomic jury will be chaired by Emmanuelle de Beauregard.

In this episode I will be joined by Alphonse Pignan, a PhD candidate researcher at the Institut Agro Rennes-Angers in France. Alphonse’s thesis topic is on “the management of agricultural organisation from their patrimonial function” with a focus on the coffee sector in W Africa. For AVPA, he works to develop their activities on the African continent.

Topics to be covered during this livestream include:

  • “AVPA’s vision of the processed chocolate market in Africa based on 2 years Contests experiences and meeting with the participants of our Contest and potential participants of this year”
  • “The importance for AVPA of giving a chance to each chocolate to play on its typicity, regional or cultural ([e.g.,] rustic or not).”
  • “Independence of AVPA structure (an NGO).”
  • “AVPA coffee contest experience vs chocolate contest, sharing some insight about Togo and Ivory Coast.”

I don’t know much about Togo as a cocoa producing country so I am eager to learn more from Alphonse about that. And, as always, the comments section will be open for participants to ask questions during the live stream.


AVPA Paris Contest: Chocolates processed at the origin
Concours International de Chocolats élaborés à l’origine
Contest main page on the AVPA website. Contest Rules (.PDF). 2022 Results (.PDF).
Links to translations into French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian are in the top navigation on the above page.
3rd “Chocolates Processed at Origin”
International Contest AVPA – Paris 2023
Link to the 2023 / 3rd Edition Registration form.
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Philippe Juglar / AVPA
Episode 37 streams live worldwide from NYC/Paris from 12:00 EDT Friday, April 29th.

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