There are some really interesting ones in here. I may try the chocolate covered broccoli for my…

There are some really interesting ones in here. I may try the chocolate covered broccoli for my kids.

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Bacon, definitely, we do a chocolate bacon bar that’s to die for! Chips, definitely, experimented with those before, delicious! Jalapenos, I know people that love them dipped in chocolate. Parmesan cheese would probably be good, I’ve made Gorgonzola Truffles before! And jerky would probably be good, just like the bacon. Along with the Quinoa! Not too sure about squid and broccoli!

Yes, but only in Canada once the weather cools down.

@sweetgypsy do you ship?

I’ve been selling chocolate covered locally made soft beef jerky for 2 years. I live in cattle country in the Canadian Foothills and I wanted something that had a shelf life as opposed to bacon and locally sourced. It’s weird for some people and others just see the sign, grab a bag, throw down some cash and tear into it. In fact, I just had some 45% milk chocolate covered honey garlic jerky as a snack before I sat down to check out the new site address!

@Paul93 – I don’t like room temperature bacon, so chocolate-covered bacon is not my first choice. When I get the chocolate/bacon cravings I make chocolate fondue and dip sizzling-hot hot bacon into that! Not strips, but thick lardons so you get all of the crispy/chewy/fatty textural goodness of the bacon.

@Sandy6 – I experiment a lot with chocolate and foods that many don’t think will work with chocolate and it’s surprising what does work in the end, especially if you are open to using a lot of different kinds of chocolate. My favorite way to pair chocolate with fish is via a sauce – for example a chocolate beurre noisette or similar.

@liz – I used to make a version of hoison sauce with chocolate (cocoa powder, actually) in it for my kids when they were younger. They loved squirting “chocolate sauce” on their veggies.

Sign me up for the chocolate bacon!

I have tried the chocolate dipped potato chips before, and I was pleasantly surprised! I want to try the chocolate covered quinoa next. Sweet, but also protein packed.

I could see the potato chips being good. Who would even think to put chocolate and squid together though?
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