SOLD - Vacuform Candy Mold Machine

This shop fabricated vacuform machine has been used to make candy molds for bars and bite sized pieces. Moldable area is approx 14″ x 17″ to make 4 molds with one sheet. There is an oven on the side to heat the PETG sheets and a frame that flips the hot sheets over the master molds. Unit pulls 27″ of vacuum. We make the masters and the perforated board with a laser engraver. Unit runs on 220v and includes a spare vacuum pump and an 85 gal storage tank and a box of PETG .020 sheets. This unit can also be used for model car and aircraft parts or kydex depending on your needs. Located in the Seattle area. Machine weighs approx 250 pounds.

Archived Comments

Very cool! I wish I had a need for it – and a place to put it!

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