We currently own Hilliard tempering machines and would like to become a bit more automated in the…

We currently own Hilliard tempering machines and would like to become a bit more automated in the process of tempering chocolate. Right now I’m asking if anyone has owned any of the machines below and if they like them and why or if they regret it and why.

Selmi Legend/ PLUS EX/ FUTURA EX

Hacos Cyclop/ Diamond 45

FBM Compatta 15/ Proxima

Chocolate World 24/ 40

KeyChoc Infinity AX

Our main concerns are…

  1. It’s easy to operate, clean and maintain.

  2. It’s manufactured parts are durable and long lasting but if and when parts need to be replaced they are reasonable and the customer service is quick, reliable and there are service techs within reasonable distance from us.


Archived Comments

Lydia –

I know the Compatta does not use water to heat/cool. In the past I know some Selmi’s did but I can’t speak about current models. Chocolate World machine are based on Selma designs (in the past three were re-branded Selmis).

The water systems on these machines are closed and don’t rely on plumbing. The water level does need to be monitored but this can be done once a week in most machines. If the level is low just top it off. Larger FBM machines do use a bain marie and they recommend a mix of water and food grade propylene glycol to slow evaporation.

The difference in chocolate has to do with fat content. If you are making/using two-ingredient craft chocolates then I would make some specific recommendations. If you’re using commercial couverture then any type will work.

In general, most people don’t clean (wash) their machines unless there is an allergen consideration. It’s much faster and easier (cheaper) to flush the machines instead.

Thank you for your reply.

Do the machines have to be refilled with water or have a supply of water attached to it to heat? Or is it so internal that it recycles the water? If so how often does the water get flushed out? No one machine is easier in their cleaning steps?

In reference to your comment of what time of chocolate is being used…If we use commercial are there certain chocolates you would use with the machines I listed? I hadn’t even thought about that.

@LydiaP. – Continuous tempering machines are always going to be more difficult to clean than a batch machine like your Hilliard. It does not matter the brand. Introducing water into the mechanism actually introduces exactly what you don’t want (waterborne bacteria). So, “easy” is relative.

When it comes to operation, they all work about the same way. In my experience, differences center around the kind of chocolate being used (commercial couverture vs own-made). Also, most small continuous machines only offer two tempering zones and so one of the biggest challenges is overcoming the idea that warming the chocolate up after cooling it down is necessary.

With respect to maintenance and parts and stuff. There are differences based on where you are and from whom you purchased the machine. I can’t speak for all brands and dealers. Everyone has stories, good and bad, told about them. A good preventive maintenance schedule certainly helps.

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