200mm x 600mm Three Roll Mill for sale

200mm x 600mm Three Roll Mill for sale

I’m selling a 200mmx600mm three roll mill with hydraulic roll set, vfd, and temperature controls. Custom made in India. Rolls are high chrome alloy composite poured cast iron rolls with bolted on journals and a 12um crown. Bearings are high end SKF self aligning bearings with food grade lubricants in gearbox, hydraulic reservoir (will need to be drained), and gearbox. End plates are UHDPE buhler style guides. There is some corrosion from transit on the a couple of the journals. It is almost brand new, and has never been fully commissioned. Includes waterproof flexible conduit and vfd cable, an aluminum pallet I mounted it on and an anti-vibration pad and other electric components. It needs some parts and work to get running, which I can talk over with any serious parties. Best application would be for lower fat masses, due to crowning. Wired for 3-Phase 480v Wye, but I have rewired the panel to work with Delta with the addition of one 120v plug to run controls. Can be rewired for Wye if you get a wye transformer. Priced to sell at $11k ex works. Honestly, the rolls alone are worth this. I’d prefer to sell it in the continental USA.

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Hi, are you still selling equipment? pls let me know d.morokhovets@gmail.com

Hello, Please are you still selling? prinakua87@yahoo.com. Will you be willing to go down on the price?

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