A Spoonful of Sugar: Could It Be A Flavanol’s Best Friend?

A Spoonful of Sugar: Could It Be A Flavanol’s Best Friend?

In the most perfect of all possible worlds, the healthiest foods would also be the most delicious ...

That’s because taste often casts the deciding vote about whether we’ll eat a food or not, irrespective of its potential health value.  It probably wouldn’t matter how many nutrients are packed into beef liver, for example, many people still would not go there, even if liver (with or without the onions) were the cure for cancer.

On the other hand, I’m all over the scientific literature for any and all studies looking at the relationship between chocolate and health, and such studies abound. No need to do a search for “cocoa and health” on PubMed, the huge online database of scientific research because we’ve already done it for you – and over 2,400 published studies and reviews pop up.

“cocoa and health” - Search Results - PubMed
“cocoa and health” - Search Results - PubMed

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