TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – w/ Shawn Askinosie

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – w/ Shawn Askinosie

Streaming LIVE on Tue Feb 15 from 12pm EST

I first met Shawn in person at an airport, though we’d spoken on the phone several times over the course of several months. We were both on our way to Ecuador in October 2005 for Pierrick Chouard’s University of Chocolate. Six months later I found myself on Shawn’s first bean buying trip with stops in Chiapas, Mexico and the Barlovento region on Venezuela.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to call Shawn a friend and to have played even a small part of the Askinosie Chocolate journey. While I am sure our journey will come up, the focus of this session is lessons learned about growing a specialty chocolate business.

Askinosie Chocolate | Single Origin Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate
Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch direct trade chocolate maker in Missouri, sourcing 100% of their cocoa beans directly from farmers.
Chocolate University
Chocolate University is a neighborhood and global outreach initiative of Askinosie Chocolate and The Askinosie Foundation. As an experiential learning program for local students with an international reach, we aim to inspire students, through the lens of artisan chocolate making, to be global citize…
Chocolate University, Askinosie’s non-profit foundation.

Want to know more about what Shawn Askinosie and Askinosie Chocolate are about? Watch the following video.

This is my first interview with Shawn – from way back in July 2020.

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