For All My Valentines

For All My Valentines

According to an article posted in Atlas Obscura (link under More Reading below), men were often fearful that women would slip magic potions into their morning hot chocolate. And during the Inquisition women who used cacao to entice lovers and spurn enemies were persecuted.

Not quite what you were expecting? (But then, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!)


Valentineā€™s Day 2021 Promotional Opportunity
From the organizers of the Dallas Chocolate Festival ...

Sign up for a listing in their pre-Valentineā€™s Day newsletter. Both free and paid listing options are available. Click to learn more and to contribute a listing. But hurry, the promotional newsletter gets mailed on January 29th.

Not Sure What to Gift This Year?

Buying Chocolate to Gift for Valentineā€™s Day
Whatever you decide to do, make it fun. If it involves chocolate and youā€™re not having fun, youā€™re doing it wrong.
This story was originally commissioned for Yahoo! Answers.

Some ā€œGift to Impressā€ tips on how to approach buying chocolate for gifting ā€“ for someone you know well, and for someone youā€™d like to get to know better.

Chocolate hearts ā€“ courtesy of Knipschildt Chocolatier
Passionfruit chocolate hearts (Knipschildt Chocolatier)

Looking For Something Tasty to do?

Looking to celebrate Valentineā€™s day with a special beer/chocolate this year? Find some guidance from a beer and chocolate pairing event I did for Valentineā€™s Day 2017.

Valentineā€™s Day 2017 Beer and Chocolate Pairing
Reporting back after my Valentineā€™s Day chocolate/beer pairing at Burp Castle onEast 7th Street ā€“ making up one corner of the Brewmuda Triangle ā€“ NYC. It is always fun to work up chocolate and beer pairings. I personally find it a lot easier to create happy marriages between chocolateand beers tā€¦

More Reading

The Chocolate-Brewing Witches of Colonial Latin America
The Inquisition persecuted women who used cacao to entice lovers and spurn enemies.
Another fun article from Atlas Obscura
Valentineā€™s Day - Wikipedia
What Wikipedia has to say on the subject

What do you have planned for Valentineā€™s Day this year? Let us know in the comments
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