Reliable chocolate bar case suppliers?

Anyone have reliable chocolate bar case suppliers you’re willing to recommend? I don’t need design services, just custom sizing for something like what’s shown the photo below. Thanks!

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hello if you still looking for better option then please try The Custom Packaging company. recent i have received my chocolate boxes order. you can get high quality sevices in affordable price.

I recomend you this company , because they provide you your desired custom boxes along with your logo on it.

i suggest you can go on this website and get custom boxes for your any product. if you want custom boxes for improving your business or company so i recommend you get use custom boxes with company logo stickers and you can find custom stickers from this website at wholesale rates.

Yes I would love you to invite on the best custom printing company where you can find any type of packaging boxes and printing services. Here it is

Hi william, this is the custom boxes company, I used their service 2 months ago for my bakery products. they provide me the exceptional service. The boxes and print both had a great quality. I highly recommend you and anyone else who need this service.

i will recommend you to to follow this company for chocolate bar case suppliers

Thanks, Clay. I will check these guys out and share back anything of use to the wider group.

@WilliamMarx – I was researching another question and the following company came across my radar:
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