April Member Newsletter

April Member Newsletter

What TheChocolateLife has been up to for the past month or so. Monthly member AMA call details are visible to members who are logged into their accounts.

Late March into late April has been a big month for TheChocolateLife as I moved from Brooklyn, NY where I have been living for the past two years (and the NYC metro area which I have called home for most of the past forty years) to Prescott (pronounced like bis' kit), Arizona.

While on the road, I found it impossible to keep to a publishing schedule. Internet access while on the trains was spotty and even when I had a connection the speeds were soooooo slow trying to post was a frustrating experience. I was also not expecting the travel to be as exhausting as it was ... a subject that will be covered in future posts in this series.

I started documenting that journey – The Cross Country Craft Chocolate Odyssey – with my first post earlier this week. There will be a stop-by-stop decription of the makers I visited and the chocolate I tasted and more!

The Cross Country Craft Chocolate Odyssey: Prelude
In which I leave New York City, my home base for nearly forty years, and covering the week before embarking on the first leg of my journey – Boston to Cincinnati via Chicago.
Part 1: Prelude

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