Big Chocolate Disappoints? Again? | #PodSaveChocolate

Big Chocolate Disappoints? Again? | #PodSaveChocolate

Episode 28 of #PodSaveChocolate features an op-ed on a potential impact of Big Chocolate’s widespread adoption of alternative “chocolates.” And why I think this is a bad thing – and you should, too,

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This episode airs live from 10:00 PDT / 10:00 MST (11:00 MDT, 12:00 CDT, 13:00 EDT) on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024. (The final day of Winter – Say Hello to Spring!)
Big Chocolate Disappoints, All Over Again | #PodSaveChocol
Episode 28 OverviewI have been writing about alternative “chocolates” for nearly three years now in my role as the Technical Editor for International Confect…

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Episode 28 Overview


European Union to delay ‘high risk’ element of deforestation bill
The European Union (EU) has signalled its intent to delay the most controversial parts of its anti-deforestation regulation (EUDR) after protests by governments in Asia, Africa, and Latin America described the low, standard, or high-risk benchmarking system as ‘discriminatory and punitive,’ and a potential breach of international trade rules.

Will this announcement reduce some pricing pressure on cocoa in the short term? Related EUDR news.

Cocoa Prices and Cocoa Futures Prices -
Today’s Cocoa prices with latest Cocoa charts, news and Cocoa futures quotes.
CSDDD backed by EU: What’s changed?
After weeks of delay, the CSDDD has finally gained EU backing. However, with a range of concessions and changes made to the legislation, what does the revised CSDDD look like?

Related EUDR news.

And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program ...

I have been writing about alternative “chocolates” for nearly three years now in my role as the Technical Editor for International Confectionery Magazine. I have covered Planet A Food (formerly Qoa), California Cultured, and WNWN Food Labs during this time, in the magazine and here on TheChocolateLife.

Is WNWN’s Cocoa-Free Chocolate Alternative Any Good? A Review.
As with everything in cocoa and chocolate, the answer is, “It depends.” The featured image shows two of the ingredients used – carob and barley.

The Post & Comment That Sparked This Episode

PeakBridge on LinkedIn: Brace for Pricier Candy and Bars With Less Chocolate as Cocoa Soars
💰 💰 💰 Over $7,000 a ton: a new intraday record for cocoa futures. Cocoa prices are skyrocketing to record highs with shortages expected well into next…

I have been skeptical of alt.chocolate’s ability to deliver a product that tastes like chocolate that chocolate lovers will like. However, when we are talking about a replacement for the thin layer of chocolate (or often something chocolate adjacent) on the outside of a candy bar, I can see how a confectionery manufacturer would be interested in a product that is less expensive and that is free from the controversies surrounding cocoa – from the recent increases in price to carbon footprint to its role in deforestation and climate change to its struggles with eliminating illegal labor on farms in West Africa.

One thing we’re seeing with the rapid increase in the market price for cocoa over the past year is that Big Chocolate is not only looking at alt.chocolates more seriously and some of them are investing in makers in this sector. Some of those makers are listed below. [To be perfectly clear, I am not claiming to know that any particular Big Chocolate company is investing in any one or more of the makers listed below.]

According to statistics published by the FAO (FAOSTAT 2021), total global production of carob averaged ~180,000 MT between 2013- 2019. (Cite: ResearchGate.)
We love our planet and we love chocolate — Planet A Foods
The chocolate revolution is here. 100% cocoa-free and unbelievably delicious. We call it ChoViva. You need to try it!

My review.

Voyage Foods Cocoa-Free Chocolate
Voyage Foods is committed to making delicious, sustainable & accessible foods that are better for people and the planet. Our Cocoa-Free Chocolate is free from dairy and cocoa, and is better on the environment. Learn more here.
The Team — The Future of Coffee and Chocolate | California Cultured
Learn about the California Cultured team dedicated to the future of sustainable and ethical chocolate.

My article in Int’l Confectionery. (Published Sept 21.)

This episode will explore the hidden dangers in this rush to develop and bring to market alt.chocolates at industrial scale.

Who will benefit – and who will get f*cked in this rush?

We Filed a Groundbreaking New Lawsuit Against Cocoa Titans for Ongoing Child Labor
We can prove for the first time that multinational companies have been intentionally defrauding the public at a massive scale.

One clue as to who will get f*cked.

Harkin–Engel Protocol - Wikipedia

Big Chocolate has failed to meet its voluntary commitments under Harkin-Engel after more than 20 years.

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The topic and guest for the Friday, March 22nd episode are still TBD when this post was published.

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