CLASS CANCELED - Do you like chocolate? Do you like cheese? Looking for something special to do in…

CLASS CANCELED – Do you like chocolate? Do you like cheese? Looking for something special to do in Manhattan between Christmas and the New Year? Looking for a perfect holiday gift for the chocolate and cheese lover in your life?

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Got my tix — see you there!

Great — the 22nd is even better for me. Thanks for the update about the FFS on Sunday. Will try and arrange time for both.

@Keith_Ayoob – when I posted this last night the date was Friday the 19th. It’s been changed since. I visited the link and updated the listing here on TheChocolateLife.

@Keith_Ayoob – Sunday at the FFS is likely to be the quietest day as many local business people prefer to work on weekdays. If I recall correctly there is also the Good Food Awards market over the weekend – and there’s always something interesting to do in SF.

@DiscoverChoc — You indicated the chocolate/cheese event was on January 19th but the link indicated January 22nd. Are there 2 classes?

I was actually planning to be in SF the week of the 21st, but might be able to go early to catch your class. If I can I most certainly will — plans should firm up in a day or so, so thank you for letting me know. Re: the FFS, which do you think is the best day to go? Sunday is the first day but also likely to be populated with weekenders. Any thoughts? I’d like to write something about it so would prefer a (at least somewhat) quieter time for speaking with exhibitors, etc. Re: a Feb event in NY with 2 Beans, the latter half of Feb is best. I am usually in SF for about 3 days at some point in the second half of every month, but it’s flexible. I actually live close by the 2 Beans location at Grand Central.

@Keith_Ayoob – If you are going to be in San Francisco for the weekend that includes the FCIA and the Fancy Food Show I have teamed up with The Cheese School to do a class with the amazing Betty Koster of Fromagerie l’Amuse (Holland). There’s a story posted here in the Events room to purchase tickets.

I am looking to reschedule – but there’s no way to do anything in December. I am considering doing something with 2 Beans, which buys cheese from Murray’s. There are some dates late-January that could work, and maybe even something just before or after Valentine’s Day. Which would be your preference?

I just heard as well. VERY bummed. Wanted to do a whole blog , the works. Any plans for a re-sched?

@Keith_Ayoob – I just got word from them that they have to cancel this class because of “unforeseen circumstances.” If you have not heard from them yet about processing a refund, you should, soon.

@Keith_Ayoob – looking forward to seeing you there!

Got my tix. Can’t wait. Two of my favorite foods! This is going to be a great post-Christmas event.
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