Wanted: Selmi paper roll (R200)

Does anyone have an extra Selmi paper roll (R200) I could buy or borrow until my stock comes in? I didn’t order early enough and Tomric is backordered. Yikes! (located in East Tennessee, USA). Thanks from a newbie to this forum!

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No worries. TCF was able to fix me up. Thanks again for the connection!!

@Bellafina – Thanks for the kind words … TheChocolateLife will celebrate it 10th anniversary in mid January and I am happy to hear it’s been a valuable resource for you.

Getting answers to questions is hit and miss. Often I find that people don’t answer if they can’t help. I am not a fan when a question gets posted about a product (on Amazon for example) and someone feels the need to reply that they don’t have an answer.

@DiscoverChoc You are AWESOME! Not sure how I could not know that TCF Sales existed (even after lots of google searches!), but they look like they have just what I need. Will call as soon as they open. Thanks again.

Thanks @DiscoverChoc . I will try them since it doesn’t look like anyone on this forum can help. 🙁 I’ve been working on a more unconventional solution as well! I do like your forum and have learned a lot from it in my 7 years of this chocolate adventure (so far). Merry Christmas!

@Bellafina – have you tried ChefRubber or TCF Sales? I know they carry paper for other enrobers that might fit.

8″ wide

What’s the width?
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