Covering a chocolate caramel slice slab

Covering a chocolate caramel slice slab

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Hi DiscoverChoc, this is correct. After the chocolate is set, we normally go with a nail marker (pre-set measurements) and mark the top of the chocolate. We then cut the caramel slice (portion size is 80 mm x 50 mm) as per the marks on the chocolate. I am not sure if I have explained myself clearly?

My first question is … why are you trying to cover one face of a 1200x400mm (huuuge) slab of caramel in a thin layer – a process often referred to as “chablon” – of chocolate? Are you going to cut it into smaller pieces later?

Thanks Sebastian, the slab is actually large around 1200 mm x 400 mm so obviously it cannot be hand dipped. All we do is melt some chocolate in the microwave and then mix in the oil to help spread the chocolate over the caramel slice. We then pour the chocolate and spread it as fast as possible using a spatula. We tap it gently to help smoothen the chocolate but for most of the times the chocolate is never smooth because in some areas the chocolate sets faster than other areas. Hope this helps. Any ideas to improve the process is welcome

An enrober would certainly help – one of the reasons is that they often have some sort of vibratory mechanism to ‘shake’ the product – which helps the chocolate smooth out. Assume you’re hand dipping now – you may wish to consider a buying or building a vibratory shaker table for this purpose. Note – this can also be used to help release air bubbles from solid moulded chocolate as well.

I am having trouble finding a way to achieve a smooth chocolate finish over a caramel slice slab. Size is 1200 mm x 400 mm. I was thinking maybe a chocolate enrober would work but not sure if it’s worth investing in such an expensive machine? Any advice or questions are welcome

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