Need Help Identifying Old Machinery

My late grandfather started a chocolate factory back in the 1950s (which closed down a few years back). There are a few bean-to-bar machines in storage that I’d love to restore and wondering if anyone can help me identify the make and year they were made. I’ve been told that they were both made by Carle Montanari. One is a Melangeur and the other is a winnower.
the Melangeur has a tag on it that does say Carle Montanari but couldn’t find anything on it online.

I’m a small scale bean to bar chocolate maker and would love to restore both.
Thanks 🙂

Archived Comments

A very interesting project!

I would take a photo of the plate on the melangeur and send it to Carle & Montanari. There should be a serial number on it that would enable them to give you the information you seek.

I would encourage you to send a photo of the cracker/winnower to C&M because they might be able to identify it – being the same vintage as the melangeur. They might also be able to recommend resources for restoration.

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