Decoding those pesky PLUs

From over at Serious Eats, an article on decoding PLU stickers.It turns out that there is more there, there, then you might immediately infer. For example:Conventional produce gets a four-digit number. Organic produce gets a five-digit number that starts with 9. Genetically modified items also get a five-digit code, but that code starts with 8.4139: Conventional Granny Smith apple94139: Organic Granny Smith84139: GMO Granny SmithThere is also coding that will tell you that a specific item was grown in a specific country or region. Read the article for links to learn more than you ever thought you might want to know on PLU codes.But don’t look for cacao (it’s a fruit) – at least not in the US or Venezuela. It’s not in the list of foods that have PLU codes.

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