SOLD - beans 2018 harvest well stored

SOLD - beans 2018 harvest well stored

180 kg purchased in 2018
Guatemala Polochic NJ, USA 60
Caramel, nuts, cocoa
International Chocolate Awards ‘17 Silver

130 kg purchased in 2018
Belize Maya Mountain NJ, USA 54.5
Organic Honey, pineapple, raisin
Good Food Awards ‘18;; 3 Int’l Choc Award
‘17; 3 Academy of Chocolate Awards ‘17;
Heirloom Cacao Preservation; 4 Int’l Choc
Awards ‘16; Good Food Award ’16

210kg purchased in 2018
Nicaragua from uncommon cacao

85kg purchased in 2018
Ecuadorian cacao beans
Type: arriba superior selected
From cocoa terroir

Located 1 hour south of Buffalo, NY

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