Does anyone (Clay?) have a listing of FBM Aura Error codes? I have a flashing one that says: All Coc A.06 Suggestions? Thx!!

Does anyone (Clay?) have a listing of FBM Aura Error codes? I have a flashing one that says: All Coc A.06 Suggestions? Thx!!

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reply toThe auger tube (tempering section of the pipeline) is horizontal and enclosed inside the chassis. The chocolate is pumped (pulled) from the bottom of the bowl through the tempering pipe and pushed up through the vertical pipe where the depositing spout attaches.

reply toI thought the auger tube was the vertical one coming out of the machine before taking the turn before dumping back into the bowl (not inside the chassis of the Aura). I guess my mistake.

By auger tube you mean inside the chassis of the Aura?

Fantastic! Thanks much. I did not think of unplugging it. I had used a hair dryer to heat up the auger tube and thought that might have been it. Next time I will reach out via Skype. I had seen you had answered other code issues, so thought you might know. thanks again for your help and this awesome site. And no need to apologize for not working on sunday!!

This means that there is a blockage of the auger (coc = cochlea) maybe in the tempering pipe. In order to clear the error. you will need to turn the Aura off then unplug it for five minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on. This should clear the error.

To clear the blockage, turn the bowl heater on to 50C and let the machine warm up for at least 30 minutes. While waiting for that to happen, use a hair dryer or heat gun to make sure the chocolate in the dispensing spout is melted and there is no blockage there. (If there is, that may trigger the A.06 error.) You can also unscrew the dispensing spout at the base to see if the chocolate is melted at the top of the pipe. Use a chopstick or similar to check. If these are clear, replace the dispensing spout tightly before turning the auger on and make sure the chocolate is flowing before turning on the cooling system.

Did you contact FBM tech support directly? They are on Skype and usually answer these kinds of questions pretty quickly. I was away from my computer yesterday doing an event and so did not see this until just now.

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