For Sale : Otto Hansel chocolate bar wrapper (Paper outer)

For Sale : Otto Hansel chocolate bar wrapper (Paper outer)
Model :Vitess 7000.

Price AUD $60000.00 (Please note this less than half the two biggest second hand dealers in Europe and America are offering on similar machines before refurbishment)

Can provide photos and videos in action.

This is a chocolate bar/Tablet wrapper, (in use until very recently).
can be run up to 150 packs per min (currently we have been wrapping at 50- 80 a min)

We have been wrapping a 75g bar 155mm by 80mm but can be set to go up or down in size … however it has to be a rectangle. ( we have been wrapping both plain and with inclusions)

(having worked in the industry for a number of years this machine will easily save paying the wage of three employees within less than 12 months)
3phase power

Please Note: The only reason we are parting with this machine is because we have been caught out with a combination of coovid and having been over extended with a new factory rebuild.


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