For sale: Unused DCM-100 melanger, Micelli polycarbonate molds

We are selling a DCM-100 melanger – bought from Bhavani @DCM in 2018 – and has never been used. Runs on 220v single phase.

$7500 plus shipping, or pickup in Southern California.

These are currently priced at $8900 (price increase is likely soon).

Bhavani gives super support, knows we are selling it, and has said he will support you on this machine.

Also, a DCM Rapid Refiner – very lightly used – $1200 plus shipping.

Will discount if you buy both DCM-100 and RR.

50 Micelli injection molded polycarbonate molds – model #5719 – 125×75 mm – lightly used (~10-15 times).

$500 plus shipping.


Note: Photo of the RR is on a DCM-70 – the 100 has never been used.

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Molds have been sold.


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