French Broad Chocolate - Asheville, NC

So last week I happened to be in Asheville, NC. We’d just picked my daughter up from college and thought we’d explore NC a bit, and spent some time in Asheville. Of course I looked to see what interesting chocolate shoppes might be in the area, and found this gem. Not sure ‘found’ is the right word as I strongly suspect many of you have known about them for some time 😎

They have two locations – a retail store downtown, and their factory (which also has a small retail section) – we visited their factory location, thinking it would have the best odds of catching the owners – but alas, they weren’t there – however there was a great employee up front who was quite knowledgeable and engaging. I always find it interesting to chat with the owners, perhaps see if they’d be kind enough to show me their operation, etc – but rarely do I plan ahead enough to ask in advance – so it comes to luck of the draw.

Anyway – we bought a number of items – chocolate bars, truffles, etc – and everything was excellent. Even the packaging was great. I’m currently nibbling on the Peruvian bar noted in the above image. If you get the opportunity and find yourself in Asheville, I highly recommend stopping by!

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