Hello, I am in search of packaging , foil wrap, and maybe boxes for small bars . I tried to search…

Hello, I am in search of packaging , foil wrap, and maybe boxes for small bars . I tried to search but guess I don’t know how to do that, because it didn’t go anywhere. So sorry to ask such a simple question. I have learned so much by just reading some of the posts and answers . Thank you so much !!

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Hi Truffle. When you are ready to ship your items, consider InsulTote.net Insulated box liners. The liners are made of reflective/bubble material and insulate the chocolate for transit. Many chocolate companies use this product to ship their chocolates safely in the warmer months. There are no order minimums and USPS standard size box liners are stock items. Custom sizes are not up-charged and also have no minimum order requirements.

Thank you so much . I am looking for either a box or a sleeve for a small chocolate bar . 2 x 2 by a 1/4 “ . Have not made bar yet . Just trying to think through it . What kind of covering I would use .
Thanks for your response.
Will look at website and think about which I think I would like to use . Will also send you a logo and see if you have any suggestions.
Diana Wood
Log cabin candies

You are right that you asked very simple question though but its hard to make good choice of reliable company to get custom packaging boxes. I would love to suggest you the best printing company in usa that is thecustompackagingboxes.com. Here is Link for that company’s official website. https://thecustompackagingboxes.com/

Best of luck for your Business success!

@Truffle –

Happy to hear that we’ve been able to help so far.

One challenge with your question is that it’s pretty vague and what you’re looking for covers such a wide range. Can you tell us what kinds of approaches you admire? Maybe even name some chocolate brands whose packaging/wrapping you like?

It would also help to know what kinds of quantities you’re talking about (tens, hundreds, thousands) and the size (weight, dimensions) of the mold you’re talking about.This will help us filter out things that are not appropriate for one reason or another.

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