Hello. I am new to chocolate making. I'm trying to find a way to keep 3-4 coloured cocoa butter in…

Hello. I am new to chocolate making. I’m trying to find a way to keep 3-4 coloured cocoa butter in temper at the same time. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

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@QuinnyC6 – it’s my pleasure. I love having versatile multi-taskers in the kitchen!

@DiscoverChoc That is indeed perfect! I can use that to make sourdough bread too!!! Thank you so much for your help!

@QuinnyC6 – the ones I have seen in the past have temperature controls. I took a quick look and don’t see any that have them. Hmmm. A small bread proofer might work. This one is a lot more expensive than a dedicated yogurt maker but a lot cheaper than a chocolate melter:


@discoverchoc Thank you very much for the link! I wonder how does the yogurt maker work. Yogurt making require higher temperature, usually at around 40-45C. Should I take the coloured cocoa butters out and let them cool from time to time?

@QuinnyC6 – Welcome to TheChocolateLife!

Here is a link to an eGullet forum on this topic:

The idea is to use a warmer set to the right temperature and then cover it to keep the heat in.

I know some people use yogurt makers to hold their bottles, too.


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