Hello Team, what is fumigation? T104-a-1? the customs in my country need a special Analysis…

Hello Team,
what is fumigation? T104-a-1?
the customs in my country need a special Analysis Certificate that proofs that the cacao beans has been fumigated in the origin country with 2lbs/1000ft^3 at 21°C and a proof that the beans are free from Salmonellas or Bacterias.

Do you have any experience with fumigation? a short explanation would be helpfull.
if we do this Method can we still call the beans Organic? i suppose with this method chemicals will be applied on the beans. is my understanding correct?

does all cacoa bean suppliers fumigate their cacao beans befor export?

Thank you for your help.

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@ECHA – What country are you in? Phytosanitary requirements can differ from country to country.

In many jurisdictions if you fumigate the beans they are no longer considered organic.

Whoever is exporting your beans should be able to provide a CoA (certificate of analysis) for the beans. This can include salmonella and e coli counts. As Sebastian points out, bacteriologically-free cocoa is a challenge and the usual microbial kill step is roasting which often does not result in sterile beans.

Fumigation is an aerosolized chemical treatment meant to kill insects and larvae. It will NOT impact microbiological elements (such as salmonella). Are you certain your requirements mandate a bacteriologically free cocoa bean? I’ve never seen that, nor is it possible unless it’s roasted (and even then the argument can be made that it’s not sterile).

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