Hello, we are planning to open a chocolate store / lab in South East Asia. We are planning to focus…

Hello, we are planning to open a chocolate store / lab in South East Asia. We are planning to focus on pralines and bonbons first , with a capacity of 6 tons per year. We will buy chocolate from a wholesaler (i.e. BC, Valrhona etc) Which equipment (Tempering, Moulding..) do we need and how many? Which brands do you recommend? Also if any experience of producing in hot / humid climate please share your experience 🙂

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@Johmar I’m based in Vietnam and I can support you on your business about chocolate machines from bean to bars made in Italy. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information you may need. www.tree2bars.com info@tree2bars.com
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The decision about what tempering and molding equipment to purchase hinges on a couple of things you don’t mention – one of which is the techniques you plan to employ.

For example, will be you focusing on shell molding or will you be enrobing?

The answers will also depend on how much of any one type (dark, milk, white) you will be using. When you say 6 tons per year, is that 6 tons of couverture you will be buying or 6 tons of finished product? It helps to know how many pieces this amounts to not just weight.

Experience with hot/humid climates? Make sure you have good AC and have backup in case you lose power. You want your production room to be 19-22C and storage around 15C. You want to avoid abrupt changes in temperature (especially cold to warm) so moisture in the air does not condense on the surfaces of product. 40-50% RH is good zone to shoot for.

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