Hi, Can anybody help me with chocolate croissants (Pain ou Chocolat)

Hi All, Can anybody help me with chocolate croissants (Pain ou Chocolat)
I am looking for a chocolate croissant that oozes with thick chocolate in the middle. I tried ganache, but this bakes out. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers John, New Zealand

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thanks for your suggestion. I am already using batons but I have also seen chocolate croissants where the chocolate oozes out. They may have injected Gamache into them after they are baked. Cheers John


Croissant makers rely on specially-formulated chocolate “batons” (sometimes referred to as “baking sticks”) specifically made for baking pain au chocolat and similar items.

I just did a quick Google search and Belcolade, Cacao Barry, Callebaut, and Valrhona among others make them, so it should be just a matter of contacting your local supplier of flour, sugar,butter – and chocolate – and seeing that they have to offer.

An NZ distributor that showed up in my Google search: http://www.reso.co.nz/brand/callebaut

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