Hi , I was trying to make a fondant for centers and it worked up well and was looking good and then…

Hi , I was trying to make a fondant for centers and it worked up well and was looking good and then just turned to crumble . Did I over knead it? It was smooth and opaque. Not sure what I did, or didn’t do.

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Thank you for your reply . I thought I followed all the instructions, but I missed something some place . Thank you again .

Hi Truffle! Without knowing the formula and precise technique it would be hard to give a specific answer, but being what it is the issue is definitely about sugar crystallization. Either too much (not enough inversion), or too big in size (agitation at too high a temperature). If the percentage of glucose in the recipe is high enough, then there should be sufficient inversion…provided the standard practices of sugar cooking are observed, i.e. cleanliness, precise cooking temps/ times, no crystal build up on the side of the pot/ kettle during cooking etc…Once the syrup is poured out it should be left to cool undisturbed until it reaches a temperature of apprx. 30C (86F). Then the process of mixing/ agitating should begin. This ensures that the final particle size of the sugar will be sufficiently small enough to create a smooth and creamy texture. Agitating the syrup while it is still too hot induces the sugar to create larger crystal sizes.


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