I work in an Artist's collective with many of us doing different things. The other night on a…

I work in an Artist’s collective with many of us doing different things. The other night on a 95degree day, someone decided it was a good idea to put a mural in my hallway… painted with SPRAY paint. The building became so toxic, I carried EVERYTHING I could out. But, what was in my 30# machine, was impossible. I’m getting different thoughts but I removed the top 2-4 inches and am planning to use the rest.
My question. Is that enough?

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Thank you for the reply. I was able to scrape off the top 3-4 inches from the chocolate in the machine. Luckily I don’t leave it too hot over night so it was semi-solid and easily scraped. I billed the owner for the chocolate and have already received a check. Not bad. I have used the remaining chocolate and it tempers and tastes fine. Disaster averted, but they now know…. no spray painting on my floor! If, there ever is a next time.. they can also pay for my labor to move all my products from the building. Have a great day!

@SweetDriver1 – I hope everything goes okay with this decision. The fact that the machine was off and covered could mean that the rest of the chocolate in the machine was not contaminated. Did you have to melt everything in order to remove the top two inches?

Thanks.. my JKV 30 was covered and turned off when they started. I was cleaning.. the fumes got so bad, I had to wear a mask just to carry my boxes of chocolate out of the building. I tried tempering all but the top layer and its ok.. tastes fine, tempers fine. I just was wondering.

Sounds like a very bad, no good, day. Sorry to hear.

When you say 30# machine I am assuming you are referring to a batch tempering machine. What kind? If the machine was running at the time I would say it’s not worth the risk. Even if it were off and uncovered I would not take the risk. What I would do is contact whoever painted and/or commissioned the mural and explain the situation. I would also recommend covering up your equipment when not in use so something like this cannot happen again.

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