Hi there, I am quite new to bean to bar and was wondering if anybody can help with advice. After…

Hi there, I am quite new to bean to bar and was wondering if anybody can help with advice. After refining the nibs for 24 hours in FBM rumba kid, I put natural cane sugar and the problems start here. Firstly, it immediately becomes very very thick, secondly it takes 4-5 days till all the sugar refines more or less properly, otherwise it feels like eating fine sand, and the chocolate is gritty. I tried increasing the pressure of the wheels, the machine started to vibrate and shake a lot… Anybody has an idea why is that happening? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, thank you, I have contacted FBM directly. They suggested adjusting the pressure, which worked for a while, but the problem is back now(( As you suggested, I am keeping the speed at 4, as opposed to 6-7 before, but does not look like it is making boh difference.. Really not sure what is the problem, as it grinds the nibs perfectly but as soon as I put sugar something goes wrong..Anyways thanks a lot for your advice, much appreciated

@LND777 – I shared your post with technical support at FBM – have you contacted them directly by any chance? There are many factors that would have an impact on things but I have never heard if it take 4-5 days to refine. From my experience changing the pressure on the wheels is not the first place to start. However you may be running the wheels to fast. On the larger Rumbo I tend to run at a speed no higher than 4 because otherwise you’re just pushing the mass in front of the wheels and not allowing it go under the wheels to be refined. Faster speeds can used to empty the machine more quickly.

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