Hi!I am new here.Just joined about half an hour ago.Please where can I get info on starting a small…

Hi!I am new here.Just joined about half an hour ago.Please where can I get info on starting a small scale chocolate making business please.Thanks

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@Choclater53 – Welcome again to TheChocolateLife!

There are many members here who can answer questions you might have.

You can find a wealth of information about making chocolate on the Archive site in the Forums (click on the archives link in the top nav). The archives are read-only, so if you post a question there no-one is likely to answer it.

You can go to the Chocolate Alchemy site to get information on how to make chocolate using small machinery, but I don’t know how much focus there is on the business of creating a viable chocolate business. Most of what I have read focuses on technique.

What I can say, to start, is that you need to have a solid business plan. The thinking that goes into the plan should help you understand how to set up your business.

What do you plan to make, how much production do you need to be profitable, what are the other costs besides equipment and ingredients you need to consider, who will buy your chocolate (where you will be selling it) – all these aspects and more should be carefully considered before buying any equipment or signing a lease on space.

If you have not yet made chocolate, you also need to consider how long it will take for you to become proficient. It’s easy to make chocolate, it’s difficult to make good chocolate consistently.

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