How do I run a classified ad on this site?

How do I run a classified ad on this site?

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@[boca jim]

As you’ve posted here in the classifieds section, all you need to do is make another post with the item(s) in question.

I would put F/S (for sale) or WTB (wanted to buy) on the first line of the post. You can enclose the text in double asterisks to bold it.

Insert a blank line below the first line and on the next line insert a photo (if you are selling something) by clicking on the camera icon. (You can upload more than one photo.)

After the first photo, insert another blank line and enter a more extensive description of what you’re selling or want to buy, and let everyone know where you are located. I would ask them to contact you via private message here on TheChocolateLife unless you are okay with sharing your contact information with major search engines.


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