They taste like the real deal.

They taste like the real deal.

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@kinsol – I visited Nanaimo as a kid after spending a week on Campbell River fishing. One year in Olympia then three plus in PDX.

Tiger nut flour is an interesting choice for the base but I can taste – toasted – almond meal in this recipe. There’s a post elsewhere in Ask TCL about using a small wet grinder like the kind used to refine chocolate to make coconut butter from fresh grated coconut. Will take longer but would result in a different texture.

@DiscoverChoc I hear you! I grew up in Nanaimo. I prefer almond meal for the base. Note that the recipe calls for coconut butter/manna (puréed coconut), not oil. Nutiva sells it, or you can make it yourself with a Vitamix. bon appetite.

@kinsol – Thanks for sharing. I think I ate my weight in Nanaimo bars when I lived in the PacNW.
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