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I hope everyone went out and enjoyed some of their favorite chocolate ice cream yesterday!

Definitely going out for some ice cream today!

@DiscoverChoc I’m glad that we see it the same way!

@alexnesbitt – I agree, more different ways to enjoy chocolate in the same bite == better all the way around!

@DiscoverChoc We have two different places that I like for ice cream up here in Seattle. One is Molly Moon’s, which is by far the most popular spot around here, while my personal favorite is a small place called Hello Robin. Hello Robin uses Molly Moon’s ice cream, but they let you choose two types of cookies to place around your ice cream, in order to make it an ice cream sandwich. That way, you can get your chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ice cream together. More chocolate = better taste in my opinion

Momofuku in NYC. Cereal-milk ice cream. But I never need an excuse to eat *good* chocolate ice cream.

Everyone be prepared for tomorrow, you can eat all of the chocolate ice cream you want and have a good reason!
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